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Division 1 Division Wins Division Ties Divisional Meet Points Points
Clover Hill Hurricanes        
Frederick YMCA Tidal Force         
Holly Hills Hurricanes        
Spring Ridge Sharks        
Divison 2
Hood College Hammerheads        
RSST (Mount Airy) Ridge Seals         
Villages of Urbana Seahawks        
Division 3
Braddock Heights Barracudas        
Lake Linganore Dolphins        
Robin Meadows Racers        
Windsor Knolls Wahoos        
Division 4
Dearbought Devil Rays        
PVYA Brunswick River Rapids        
Whittier Riptides        

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  Meet Venue
(if not Home Team's pool)
Week 1 (6/16/2018)    
  Robin Meadows @ Frederick YMCA Middletown HS
  Clover Hill @ Villages of Urbana  
  Hood College @ Holly Hills  
  Ridge (Mt Airy) @ Dearbought  
  Braddock Heights @ Whittier  
  Brunswick @ Windsor Knolls  
  Spring Ridge @ Lake Linganore  
Week 2 (6/23/2018)    
  Frederick YMCA @ Spring Ridge  
  Clover Hill @ Holly Hills  
  Hood College @ Ridge (Mt Airy)  
  Whittier @ Villages of Urbana  
  Windsor Knolls @ Braddock Heights Middletown HS
  Lake Linganore @ Robin Meadows  
  Brunswick @ Dearbought  
Week 3 (6/30/2018)    
  Frederick YMCA @ Clover Hill  
  Villages of Urbana @ Hood College  
  Ridge (Mt Airy) @ Brunswick Middletown HS
  Braddock Heights @ Lake Linganore  
  Windsor Knolls @ Robin Meadows  
  Dearbought @ Whittier  
Week 3 (7/7/2018)    
  Holly Hills @ Spring Ridge  
Week 4 (7/14/2018)    
  Holly Hills @ Frederick YMCA Walkersville HS
  Spring Ridge @ Clover Hill  
  Dearbought @ Hood College  
  Villages of Urbana @ Ridge (Mt Airy)  
  Robin Meadows @ Braddock Heights Middletown HS
  Lake Linganore @ Windsor Knolls  
  Brunswick @ Whittier  
Divisionals (7/21/2018)    
  Division 1 @ Holly Hills  
  Division 2 @ Villages of Urbana  
  Division 3 @ Robin Meadows  
  Division 4 @ Dearbought  
All Stars (7/28/2018)    
  28th Annual FSSL All Stars @  Brunswick Hood College

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Team Registration for 2018 FSSL Season - Friday, May 04, 2018

FSSL teams have opened registration for the 2018 season. Find a team and register now to be ready to begin practice.


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